Kenja Webinars

Getting your message across

Kenja Webinars allow you to easily host interactive live communication
sessions with up to 250 participants - ideal for promoting dialogue
with workforces, branch offices, customers and investors.

Collaborating Teams

A user-friendly interface allows the main speaker to control and deliver content using voice, video and PowerPoint presentations. Interactive whiteboard functionality is included.

Event hosts can monitor the names and status of individual users and view their satisfaction levels both during and after a session.

Easy communication

Remote participants can chat and log questions that can be seen and answered by the presenter when ready, avoiding disruptions to the flow of the event.

High quality communication is ensured through the automatic prioritization of voice quality. Individual audio and video channels can be muted.

Useful features

Events can be recorded and archived for offline access afterwards. Participants can easily search for archived events as well as forthcoming events.

Only registered webinar participants can download multiple files and related content.

Participants can also write and save notes.

American School in Japan

uses Kenja Webinars for video hosting and archiving

American School in Japan organizes numerous musical events to showcase the talents of its students. As such, it needed its own dedicated video-sharing platform to host these event videos. The video sharing platform had to be secure, scalable, and able to accommodate a large number of viewers at any one time.

With Kenja Webinars, ASIJ was able to design and create its own dedicated video-sharing platform called ASIJ TV. Musical events are recorded and hosted on ASIJ TV. Users are able to view the video online or download it to their computers for viewing.

The American School in Japan is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), an accreditation agency for public, independent, church-related and proprietary schools in California, Hawaii and East Asia.

To find out more about the American School in Japan, please visit their website.

Kido Webinar

uses our software in an online learning platform

By using Kenja Webinars, Kido Webinar is able to deliver high definition (HD) video recording and presentations that helps the company to differentiate itself from existing competitors. Lecturers do not have to spend time trying to figure out how to record lessons and upload them to an online storage space for student reviews.

Kenja Webinar offers automatic recording and archiving of online lessons that streamlines the teaching process and allows lecturers to focus on engaging the students.

In addition, the Kenja Webinar system also allows lecturers to provide students with supplementary video reference materials from popular social media sites such as YouTube and UStream.

Kido Webinar is an online learning platform for working professionals. Registered users are able to conveniently access online lessons from anywhere and at any time. In addition, the lessons are archived and made available online for students to easily review at any time.

Corporate meetings

easily done with Kenja Webinars

With an increasingly globalized work force, companies are organizing virtual corporate seminars and meetings in order to reach its employees that are located in different regions and time zones.

Kenja Webinars offers a secure communications platform to host large corporate seminars and meetings. With its interactive audio, video, and chat system, multiple participants are able to take part in interactive discussions at the same time.

Presenters are able to share their PowerPoint presentations, and use the interactive white board to visually illustrate challenging discussion points to the audience. In addition, these online seminars and meetings can be recorded and archived for future reference by the event organizers.

Start using Kenja Webinars and change the way your company works