Our mission is to help you work in a smarter, more effective way.

We believe this is achieved through constant invention and are motivated by the fact that there is always a better way to get work done.

At Kenja, we seek to challenge industry norms and stand out with unique innovations, consistently relevant to our clients’ needs.

We uphold that we are a content-centric management system, that is simple to use but without compromising on intuitive functionality.

Our Values

Our Values still continue shape the way we work today.

  1. Innovation


    At Kenja we believe in innovation, now. We seek to provide our users with a smarter way to work, which means we are constantly introducing new ideas to improve the way things are done.

  2. Accountability


    We promise to always deliver what is expected of us and we hold ourselves responsible for producing a system that is content-centric, and caters to our clients’ needs.

  3. Customer Focus


    We listen to our clients and value their feedback and support. We create customisable and tailored solutions for various use cases that cover a range of Industries, meaning our products are always designed with businesses in mind.

  4. Performance


    We are proud of our achievements and honest with our mistakes. We believe in executing to a consistent standard and always being in line with our focus of improving the way work gets achieved.


Our Story

We are innovators on a mission to revolutionize your workplace collaboration

Kenja is a software company founded in 2011 by Technology executives with more than 90 years’ combined enterprise experience.

Tired of wasting time searching through emails or folders for relevant documents and frustrated by existing content management tools, ineffective at boosting employee productivity, we developed the Rooms platform, and Kenja corporation was born.

Our developers wanted full control over organising content, and so built Rooms to enable clients to securely share files, set tasks, comment on and co-edit documents, and easily collaborate using voice and video conferencing, all using a standard web browser.

The name ‘Kenja’ comes from the Japanese word for a Sage, or person famed for their wisdom, judgement and experience. We believe that Kenja Rooms is the most simple, effective, and intuitive platform the industry has to offer, and having been designed with larger enterprises in mind, we can guarantee improved productivity, giving our clients the smarter way to work.

Ted Katagi

Focused on making Kenja the next big thing in the enterprise cloud. We provide secure content collaboration for corporate customers. Our major corporate clients are in diverse industries like Investment Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Airline Transportation. We were nominated for Gartner Group's "Cool Vendor" award by their Tokyo Office. It is now our fourth year of operations and we are now ready to take it to the next stage.

Philip Butkiewicz

Strong background in software development with emphasis on UI/UX. Extensive experience in managing and developing software projects. Experience with technologies spanning many different fields and applications. Looking to deliver the best possible solutions to our customers.

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