Kenja Learning Systems

an online learning platform that supports online courses, customized webinars, and unstructured learning.

Kenja develops our own tools for end users but is different from other providers because we have actively made a business to enable OTHER companies' technologies as well.

We understand that it is more than technology to make it work. Kenja is willing to discuss commercial terms, including Full Source Code Licenses, and Build Operate Transfer Models.

We want to work with our business partners in a win-win fashion to enable mutual success.

Let’s take a closer look at several use cases for Kenja Learning Systems.

Key Highlights

Online Courses


Professional educators created a startup called International Teacher Development Institute whose aim is to bring high quality online instructional learning to English language teachers around the world.

After evaluating several competitors, the educational institution decided to partner with Kenja to create its online learning system.


Kenja worked closely with the educational institution to build a comprehensive online learning system and website.

Using the system, teachers can focus on creating a variety of course modules for students from all around the world.

Students are able to select modules based on their interests and attend classes at their own leisurely pace

Benefits - Interactive Learning Experiences:

  • Full Functionality Website with a secure login and payment gateway
  • Online Interactions (blogs, social network, wikis, online magazines / videos)
  • Course platform allowing teachers to freely upload content like video, text, or questions (multiple choice, fill the blanks, matching answer) and a course / class environment with modules.
  • Ability to Customize 100% to Customer Specification
  • Everything was created from scratch so changes can be freely made with a low cost payment to Kenja.

Unstructured Learning


Instructors from an educational institution felt that traditional teaching mediums are insufficient to support the rich interaction between instructors and students. They wanted a better way to freely interact with their students, and to exchange ideas and information with each other.


Kenja was able to utilize the Kenja Rooms platform to build a great learning environment for students and teachers in the educational institution.

Benefits - Interactive Learning Experiences:

  • For Students:
    • Drag and drop any file formats to a virtual classroom
    • Create tasks and comments, and add contents freely
    • Search for files across the site
    • Collaborate and edit a document simultaneously
  • For Teachers
    • Switch between different teaching formats during a live class
    • Participate in class discussions either live or non-live
    • Create visually attractive courses
    • Share course materials and supplementary notes easily with students

Kenja School TV


Communicating your school’s video content online will contribute to your institution’s marketing initiatives and attract attention from your audience. Unfortunately, existing video streaming and hosting providers do not provide a platform for schools to host their content securely and reliably online.


Kenja provides a secure and reliable online media platform that enables schools to stream live events, and host all types of recorded and edited video content.
Unlike existing providers, our unique features ensure that you will have full ownership and control over all of your online content.

Benefits – Full Ownership, Security and Privacy:

  • Easy and immediate set up for video streaming live events
  • Search Engine Opt-out Feature (Optional)
  • Password Protection for online content
  • Full Legal Ownership over all of your online content
  • Secured environment to foster community interaction and student’s creativity

Are you interested in using Kenja Intranet in your company?