Kenja Intranet

Sharing and Organizing your Content

Kenja Intranet is a Content-centric Enterprise Intranet built upon Kenja Rooms. It allows staff to easily upload the latest content themselves, while allowing management to maintain controls on user access and user interface "look and feel”.

  • Simple Intranet setup process from any data source to any user interface.
  • Easily upload, organize, search, and share contents amongst staff.
  • Customizable user permissions and rules based on the needs of the company.
  • Add-on new Enterprise features based on the needs of the organization.

Content Organization, Searching, and Sharing

  • Drag and drop documents and files from your desktop into Kenja Intranet.
  • Multiple file type supported, including PDF, Word, and Excel.
  • Built-in Preview mode to allow quick references and commenting to documents.
  • Easily organize your documents into department and project team folders for quick access and sharing.

Integrates with your enterprise environment

  • On-premise installation behind your firewall or Cloud.
  • Connectors to Enterprise programs such as SharePoint.
  • Customization Available – direct and through Partners.

Customized Enterprise Collaboration Platform

  • Employees are able to select from multiple user interfaces in Kenja Intranet based on their working styles and preferences.
  • Upgrade and add new Enterprise features to Kenja Intranet based on your organization's needs, such as:
    • Process Workflows.
    • Project and Portfolio Management with Gantt Charts.
    • KPI Metrics Management with Charting Tools.
    • Learning Management Systems.

Are you interested in using Kenja Intranet in your company?