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Kenja Rooms helps organizations communicate and collaborate better
so you can spend more time working rather than trying to make things work.

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Kenja Rooms

Collaborate quickly and intuitively

  • Achieve concrete results
  • Easily find and share data in your company
  • Use on any device

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Kenja Intranet

Sharing & Organizing your Content

Kenja Intranet is a Content-centric Enterprise Intranet built upon Kenja Rooms. It allows staff to easily upload
the latest content themselves, while allowing management to maintain controls on user access
and user interface "look and feel”.

  • Simple Intranet setup process from any data source to any user interface.
  • Easily upload, organize, search, and share contents amongst staff.
  • Customizable user permissions and rules based on the needs of the company.
  • Add-on new Enterprise features based on the needs of the organization.

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  • Linked Peter Hallet VP of Sales, Empirix

    Our Japanese Intranet was not used often by employees as it had out-of-date content. The IT administrator had too many tasks to complete and cannot ensure that the Intranet is always up-to-date.

    Kenja is easy to use and employees can directly upload their own updates to the Intranet. It saves time for everyone and the Intranet is always up-to- date. Kenja also has a bilingual interface which makes it easier to share data for a Global business like Empirix.

  • Linked Patricia Bader-Johnston TEDxMarunouchiWomen

    We used Kenja Rooms to help us to organize our event, TEDxMarunouchiWomen.

    Rooms is a marvelous tool for sharing content visually and collaborating on discussion topics with numerous participants.

  • Linked Rhonda Lundin IPBA

    With Kenja, we can better communicate ongoing changes, and share documents and activities with people across our organization.

    Since our members are mostly located in different regions around the world, Kenja Rooms gives us an online workspace where we can collaborate in one convenient location.

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