Custom Solutions

Kenja for Enterprises

Kenja has worked closely with numerous enterprises to develop customized communication and collaboration solutions. These solutions helped to integrate legacy systems while providing access to modern tools and software.

We are the preferred partner for customized communication and collaboration solutions due to our unique platform and architecture.

Rooms architecture

Rooms is a secure, shared space where people bring all their content, files and conversations to collaborate.

We use an "object" to store the content, files, and conversations in the same basic data structure. Integrated tasks become much easier with this structure.

Objects are visually arranged in a Room where views can change depending on the actual use case.

Rooms provide structure (Rooms within Rooms) and is centered on our proprietary Content Management System. (Not like in Enterprise SNS where information is centered on the social network and do not have a content management system)

Rooms as a platform

We have added various functionalities in Rooms to make it a platform for powerful enterprise applications such as:

  • Content Management System - Simple Versioning (Update / locking of files for revision)
  • Collaboration (Commenting, tasking, sharing information)
  • Real Time Collaboration (Voice/Video, chat, simultaneous editing of a document)
  • Process Flow (Decision workflow, email threading, user defined workflow interface)
  • Enterprise Grade Security (AES encryption, IP whitelisting, etc.)

Rooms customization

Rooms is available as a Cloud or On-premise solution, and can be configured to work in your environment based on your industry and corporate needs.

We are committed to building a platform based on your specific needs.

Looking for tailor-made solutions for your business? We’re here to help.