Kenja + Blockchain

Blockchain is more than just a buzzword, and goes way beyond what we’ve seen in cryptocurrency. It has the potential of changing the way we all do business, making it more secure, transparent and agile. The versatility of Rooms made it easy for us to implement blockchain for Enterprise, pushing the boundaries of Data Security, Supply Chain, Certification and Compliance.

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Transparency and traceability in each step of the process!


Data Security

Blockchain technology at its core was designed to provide secure verification of transactions. It’s ideal to verify the authenticity of data. Kenja is using public and private blockchains to ensure your information is authentic. And Rooms helps you store everything in one place — organized and easy to find!


Supply Chain

Blockchain helps you trace and manage every step of your supply chain, and find any hiccups in any stages. Your supply chain can become smoother and leaner with the help of Rooms!



Proof of work helps you understand a project in detail, what actions took place, by who, and when. This makes it easier to detect any possible anomalies regarding rules and standards.


Level 2 Solution Provider

While other vendors focus on delivering the base technology itself (APIs), Kenja is focusing on delivering full-blown solutions that implement user stories based on our own core technologies. We are a true Level 2 Solution Provider.